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In Europe, obesity affects 20-30% of population (~200 million patients), with a prevalence that increased 30% (50% in children) over the last 2 decades. By 2030, half of the EU population will be obese and 80% overweight. Digital solutions for supporting these patients and their doctors throughout the disease pathway are missing. We lack ability to engage patients into adopting/maintaining healthy lifestyles, remote access/intervention on health status, and long-term monitoring of real-world outcomes.

Libra is a digital social platform, developed by PROMPTLY, for making people with obesity healthier, using personalized digital peer-to-peer coaching, data of connected devices and remote communication with health professionals. We deliver seamless remote professional follow-up (access to patient-reported/devices data, communication channels, AI generated alerts) together with social environment functionalities (e.g bulletin boards, discussion forums,chat; suggesting peers with same interests, occupation,geographical area;and gamification techniques for peer-support, such as point systems for patients sharing their achievements, milestones, goals). LIBRA is a solution conducted together with CRI Obesidade Centro Hospitalar S.João (CHUSJ), in Co-creation phase.