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Drug to target metastatic breast cancers

Short summary

Our company was formed in 2021 as a spin-off of Faculdade de CiĂȘncias, Universidade de Lisboa (FCUL), and aims to develop new anticancer drugs for highly metastatic cancers. Our lead drug is protected by an international patent (WO2016/087932) and we are currently running the last assays for its in vivo proof of concept in a metastatic breast cancer model without clinical cure (in vitro proof of concept has been already obtained). Metastatic and resistant cancers are an unmet clinical need that our company wants to address. 

M. Helena Garcia and Andreia Valente are the scientist leaders and founders of the company that also count with FCUL and two private investors (Portugal Ventures SA, and VertenteidĂȘntica Lda) as partners.