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Now the expertise of the EIT Health network can be accessed on-demand. The Mentoring and Coaching Network (MCN) gathers subject matter experts and top-of-the-line mentors from all over Europe to help with the specific needs of start-ups in Medtech, Biotech and Digital Health.




Basic Info

Who can apply: The programme is aimed at all business maturity levels, ranging from early stage start-ups developing their product to more mature scale-ups with a developed product and in the phase of expanding to new markets.

Entrepreneurs may register on an ongoing basis and begin the matching process to find an expert. Start-ups that apply via the Optimy application platform and are evaluated positively may be selected to receive a small stipend to cover a portion of fees of your chosen expert. If you are interested in accessing the Mentoring and Coaching Network as one of these start-ups, please speak to the Business Creation Manager at your CLC and the programme manager mentioned below.

Description: To create a vast pool of MCN experts, EIT Health has integrated its individual experts, partners, institutions and corporations into one robust, curated platform of quality mentors, coaches and subject-matter experts with specific know-how and relevant track records from around the EU.

Contact Details: Jagadeesh Gandla (


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Well formulated idea,
Europe-wide validated service/product,
International sales development