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Start.Smart.Global is a high-quality training course providing starter kits for European life science SMEs to optimise their market entries. The training is sector-specific and targets the lucrative but challenging business environments of Japan and South Korea. Participants benefit from workshops, e-learning, webinars, peer training and a roadshow in their target country. Project outputs include individual market entry strategies, valuable contacts, and a realistic evaluation of market potentials.




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Who can apply: Start.Smart.Global is for innovative healthcare SMEs in Biopharma / Medtech / Digital Health. Preferred areas of focus will be: therapeutics, diagnostics, genomics, Medtech and e-health. We are looking for mature start-ups and scale-up SMEs that are new to the target country. Start.Smart.Global is a modern, high quality training course tailored to the demands and time constraints of SME managers. Participants benefit from a year-long e-learning tools, webinars, telcos, peer training and a roadshow to their target country. The training is demand-driven and user-friendly. Project outputs are individual market entry strategies, valuable new contacts, and a realistic evaluation of market potentials.

Detailed description:Start.Smart.Global taps into existing successful networks and trustful business relations set up by mature cluster managers with established global networks. Building on experiences from Start.Smart.Japan (GoGlobal 2018), the project expands its scope and focuses on Japan and South Korea. Korea represents a new challenging market, where clusters can make a difference to their SME’s success. The cluster partners BioM (lead), Medicen, and Biocat bring in complementary expertise and provide excellence in SME training, offering networks in biopharma, medical devices, and e-health.

Start.Smart.Global aims to act as a best-practice service model for other clusters, contributing to the global recognition of innovative SMEs and strengthening Europe’s position in the global health sector. Building up the strength of EU innovators makes them globally competitive in the market, and attractive as partners for pharma and global R&D collaborations. Participants will become future peers, with the potential to train and positively influence regional networks and help them mature. Successful applicants will receive a prize money of 2500€ after full participation in the programme.

At the end of the programme, disseminated early 2020, there will be a best practice training course concept for other life science cluster and ecosystem managers.

Contact Details: Stephanie Wehnelt (wehnelt@bio-m.org)


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International sales development
6 to 12 months
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