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The uniqueness of this programme is that every session will be hosted by a successful Medtech company with extensive experience to share. The programme targets Medtech and Digital Health companies that are searching for their first exporting market. Five sessions of two days each cover Europe, the US and China.




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Who can apply: The programme targets Medtech and Digital Health companies that are hoping to identify their ideal internationalisation location. Ideally, they have launched or are about to launch their product in their home market and now are ready to start exporting within 12 months. Participating projects should be CE approved and product/services launched in home markets. Prior participation in Product Market Fit is helpful.

Detailed description: The programme focuses on start-ups that are looking to identify the ideal international market for their businesses and will support you to first focus your current business offer and second explore the possibilities in US, China and Japan. The programme consists of five sessions of two days each (10 days in total). The first session focuses on challenging participants on go-to-market strategy and value proposition. Companies should also set up a clear goal for the programme, which will then be followed up. The second session focuses on the European area since this is normally the first export market for start-ups. The third session focuses on the US market. The fourth session focuses on China and Japan. The fifth and last session focuses on financing for internationalisation, exploring how to fund your export into other countries. During the second day of this session, the companies will present their plan for internationalisation to an expert panel and receive feedback that they can discuss within their management or board. A winner will be selected by the panel based on the best elaborated plan.

The uniqueness of the programme is that every session will be hosted by a successful medtech company with lots of experience to share. The participants can ask questions and discuss important topics with the hosting company so they can expand their learning. In best cases, the hosting companies might find an interesting company among the participants that they would like to continue talking to about a potential partnership/cooperation.

The participating companies will receive an enormous amount of knowledge and experiences during the programme that they would not receive anywhere else. The best available experts will come to them during the programme. They will also get a lot of valid contacts, both from the speakers but also from the hosting Medtech companies. With the funding of EIT Health and the reimbursement of travel costs, this programme offers great value for money which is very competitive.

Contact Details: Olof Berglund (olof.berglund@sting.co)


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