European Market Access for Partners (eMAPS)


eMAPS (European Market Access for Partners) will contribute to the adoption and diffusion of innovation into healthcare systems by providing expertise and a clear understanding of how, when and who to engage in the innovation process. The programme will also provide specific knowledge about finance and reimbursements schemes of 14 European countries. During 2019, this service will be implemented to be accessible for EIT Health start-ups.


Basic Info

Who can apply: eMAPS supports healthcare Professionals and health entrepreneurs as well as SMEs.

Detailed description: Adoption and diffusion of innovation is key for improving healthcare across the EU. euMAPS will contribute to adoption and diffusion by providing insight into key factors that may affect SMEs and entrepreneurs when planning to successfully launch within a country’s health market as there are specific differences of approach to consider.

It also supports an update to the 2007 “Healthcare in Europe” finance and reimbursement report, providing up-to-date information on 11 EU healthcare systems, to further support SMEs and innovators to navigate the health financing and reimbursement landscape.

  1. Objectives:
  • Spark opportunities for accelerating adoption of innovations that may solve health challenges in many European countries
  • Provide opportunities for health systems to access innovations by supporting innovators/SMEs from across Europe with insight to best approach new markets
  • Accelerate the pace of economic growth by more successful market penetration
  • Help SMEs to leap forward with their businesses due to adoption of best business practice and of innovative techniques.
  1. Learning Outcomes:
  • Learning of key factors that affect successful penetration into markets
  • Learning of methods that enable assessment of market readiness
  • Transparency and understanding of health financing and reimbursement systems
  • Understanding the principles of how innovation can be adapted to fit different systems

Contact Details: Tracey Marriott (


Expected Applicants
Projects at early development stage,
Early stage companies and SME,
Around EU (several locations)