CRAASH Barcelona Bootcamp

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CRAASH Barcelona is a 12-week program that helps European research teams launch successful device, diagnostic and e-/digital health innovations that improve health and patient care. Teams move research to market through mentoring with experts from CIMIT (based in Boston), the most experienced health accelerator in the world.




Basic Info

Who can apply: Teams with at least two people in the health-tech and medical technology sector, including diagnostics, devices, and e/digital health projects for the purpose of analysis or detection of disease, delivery of health and healthcare, or a digital health solution within mobile health (mHealth), Electronic Health Records (EHR) and health information technology (IT), wearable devices, telehealth and telemedicine, Big Data, Social Media, and personalized medicine. Research projects that will not be accepted include: drug development projects that specialize in developing compounds that deliver or improve the delivery of medicines to targeted areas in the body.

Detailed description: CRAASH Barcelona is a 12-week programme over the period of 6 months that helps European healthtech research teams launch successful device, diagnostic and e-/digital health innovations that improve health and patient care. Project teams move research to market through mentoring with both European and US experts from CIMIT, the most experienced health business accelerator in the world, based in Boston.

CRAASH Barcelona is an EIT Health Bootcamp organized by Biocat in collaboration with EIT Health and CIMIT.

Phase I: CRAASH Barcelona (Biocat and CIMIT)

During this phase, teams validate their problem-solution and solution-market fit, specifically for the healthtech market. The programme gets teams out of their comfort zone to conduct

discovery interviews. Each team is assigned an experienced executive. Executives are successful healthcare entrepreneurs, commercialization experts and investors that provide one-to-one facilitation throughout the programme. Teams interact each week with this panel of Boston and EU experts by presenting and defending findings, attending lectures,

and completing readings. Teams receive feedback which helps balance decision risks.

Phase II: European Market Validation (Medicen Paris and Yes!Delft)

Selected teams will join two different 3-day road trips to investigate the market potential in France (Medicen Paris) and Holland (Yes!Delft) to validate clinical need and verify appropriate

regulatory pathways and reimbursement methods.

Phase III : Boston Close Out

Finalist teams will travel to Boston to pitch their deck in front of the CIMIT ecosystem and will also extend their trip to validate the market.

That is an opportunity for teams to meet different stakeholders that will help them validate or pivot the strategy defined during CRAASH Barcelona, while exploring collaborations and building a first network in Boston.

 Contact Details: Judit Pérez (


Expected Applicants
University students/researchers,
Projects at early development stage,
Early stage companies and SME
Expected Outcome
Europe-wide validated service/product
Engagement Level
3 to 6 months
Around EU (several locations)