Established Company
Smart money
International sales development
Become Investment grade
> EUR 25 000
6 to 12 months
Outside EU
Around EU (several locations)

Gold Track




We’re here to help you massively scale your business through mentorship and strategic guidance. We pair promising businesses with a panel of topflight advisors – world-class experts who immerse themselves entirely in your ideating, strategizing, and problem solving to set your organization on the path to success. Join us to unlock ambitious business and investment opportunities within short time frames.

Basic Info

Gold Track is a competitive programme based around three four-month phases. Each phase begins and ends with a high-profile Gold Track workshop. You’ll be invited to a workshop, where you’ll need to convince one of our Expert Council members to sponsor you. We’ll assemble a carefully curated group of experts to help you reflect and set 2-4 ambitious business objectives and commit to achieving results with our support. You’ll report back to our Expert Council at the end of each phase to discuss your achievements, adjust goals, and assess eligibility to progress to the next phase. When you successfully complete all three phases of the programme, you will graduate and become a Gold Track alumnus. Alumni continue to receive support and unlock benefits from the EIT Health network.

Companies with the potential to address unmet medical needs, backed by strong science and technology, operating in healthcare or life sciences.

You have a committed leadership team and a financial runway of at least nine months.

Privately owned companies based in Europe, the UK, or Israel with less than 50 employees.

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