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International sales development
3 to 6 months
Around EU (several locations)



eMaps is a knowledge hub of validated information created to help biotech, medtech and digital health companies achieve regulatory approval, reimbursement and adoption in the U.K. or U.S. (Germany, Denmark, France, and Italy coming soon!). We build on the insight and experience of local experts and deliver a training-based experience to help you understand and plan for the challenges ahead.

Basic Info

Our subscription platform gives you 24/7 digital access to distilled knowledge from professionals, subject matter experts and innovators with up-to-date, market-specific resources to help you navigate the ever-changing market access environment. The platform will equip you with the knowledge to understand your market-readiness and key gaps. We offer dedicated guides to markets, decision makers, regulations and compliance, reimbursement, and adoption.

Who should apply

Businesses at any maturity level anywhere in the world.

Mature scale-ups with a developed product assessing new markets, graduate students, early-stage innovators, and professionals with a start-up idea in medical technology.

You’re seeking information about the U.K. or U.S. Modules on Germany, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Sweden and France will be available in early 2021.


Jaswant Bance, Digital Product Manager at Oxford Academic Health Science Network,

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Achmea, Karolinska Institute, Medicen, Medicalps, Federico II University (UNINA), Copenhagen Business School, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, Instituto Pedro Nunes, Eurapco, Meddiquest, Cap Digital