Five healthcare innovations to watch out for in 2021

In 2020 EIT Health accelerated over 120 start-ups in emerging European regions. Expect these products and solutions might have big impact on the future of medicine and healthcare.

EIT Health accelerates over 120 teams all over Europe yearly. More and more disruptive solutions are being discovered in regions, that are considered as more progressing in the fields of innovation (according to the European Innovation Scoreboard). Here come five innovations that might transform healthcare and biotechnology in Europe in the coming years.

Revolution in clinical trials can speed up treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

The screening of patients with Alzheimer’s is an expensive and long process. By saving 40% of the total costs for screening and 70% of the time spent on patient’s screening, iLoF, a Portuguese team will contribute towards finding a cure for Alzheimer’s faster. The start-up was formed by the 2019 EIT Health Wild Card programme and they were the winners of EIT Jumpstarter 2019. With their inexpensive, non-invasive solution for stratification of Alzheimer’s patients for clinical trials, they can speed up the treatment of patients.

Virtual assistant that increases patient engagement

PatchAI: The Italian company aims to transform clinical research with an emphatic, AI-powered virtual assistant to engage patients involved in clinical trials and keep them informed and supported by focusing on them and their needs. The team won €25,000 smart-money and mentoring during the 2019 edition of InnoStars Awards and they received additional €10,000 support as winners of the 3rd prize in this years’ EIT Health Catapult competition.

Safe UV protection that is 100% eco-friendly

Polish start-up, UVera is a great example of EIT Health InnoStars start-up acceleration: after receiving the InnoStars Awards in 2019, they are the winners of the Biotech category and the Alex Casta Audience Award in the Catapult programme this year. Thanks to this recognition, UVera will be displayed on the Nasdaq Tower in New York City. The team offers a solution for pollution by sunscreen that is a global and more serious issue we might think. UVera has developed a UV-protector extracted from natural microorganisms which has the ability to block the whole spectrum of UV-rays without any chemicals. 

Heart screening in 5 minutes

Lithuanian start-up, Ligence, winners of the 2nd prize of EIT Jumpstarter back in 2019, received smart-funding, knowledge boost, networking opportunities, business planning and development and their innovation helped them to score the first prize of InnoStars Awards 2020. The team uses a deep learning technology and developed a software which is capable of automatic segmentation of the heart’s anatomical features, functional assessment and the production of a structured report for a physician. This is a more cost-effective and accurate way of disease diagnosis and management that is particularly important in the COVID-era.

Support for stroke survivors to make their lives easier

PhoenixOrthosis, EIT Health InnoStars Awards 3rd prize winner from Hungary makes the rehabilitation process of stroke survivors more effective. The solution of the company is an active hand-finger spasm orthosis that utilizes breakthrough technologies to partially recover the missing opening function. The team has the mission to shorten the time to regain the highest possible quality of the activities of daily living. It is a 100% customized slim-fit device designed to support the patient at any time.

“In 2020 the coronavirus pandemic affected the life of people and the countries of Europe in every way, but it affected the economic and healthcare systems the most. This year proved more than any other year that Europe needs healthcare systems which are stable, able to adapt to a rapidly changing environment and are prepared for unexpected situations. We accelerated over 120 ideas and teams coming from Central, Eastern and Southern Europe in 2020 and granted them with €2.3 million. EIT Health’s aim is to develop best healthcare ideas that can contribute to the strengthening of healthcare systems and building of a sustainable health economy in Europe” – said Tamas Bekasi, RIS Business Creation Manager at EIT Health InnoStars.

You can register for the new editions of EIT Health Catapult until 16 March, 2021 here.

More information about EIT Jumpstarter and InnoStars Awards will be available soon.