1.     How do I know if a call for a program released?

EIT Health publish all program calls in this page, under the News & Event menu point. Besides that, if you registered in Optimy and / or you have active contact with EIT Health, direct information regarding all calls will be shared with you.


2.     How can I apply to EIT Health / EIT Health Partner programs?

Each program could be applied to via Optimy link, indicated in the program specific calls.


3.     What should I do, if program search does not give any results?

If the program search in the site does not lead to a result, it does not mean that we do not have any programs, which could be suitable for your needs. In this case please contact the following Business Creation Managers:

- Incubation (early phase start-ups): Tamás Békási (tamas.bekasi@eithealth.eu)

- Validation, Scale (mature start-ups): Ines Matias (ines.matias@eithealth.eu)